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My opinion of The Witcher 2

This is a really great game if it was newly released in the early 2000s.  However, from the lack of abilities, skill tree, options for ‘doing stuff’ to the redundant sword swinging the same way as a 90s hack ‘n slash, I felt this game is very much behind the curve of new millenium gaming.

Though it does provide somewhat of a decent visual experience, I couldn’t help to feel that there is something very lacking in the game.  There are some quests, there is a main story but character growth (or a lack thereof) makes me feel that this game falls short of what is expected.

Though it does have a few ‘mature’ scenes in it and has language consistent that would be used as adults would use in certain situations, I don’t think many in my age group would find this game very appealing after spending a few days playing.  It most likely will make most feel as if they were ripped off.

I think I’d rather play my modded version of The Last Remnant or The Last Oddesy.


White Knight Chronicles 2

White Knight Chronicles 2 is another highly anticipated RPG that I’m looking forward to. I don’t care about the giant Robo-armor things that they transform into but, like most people, will be playing this game for it’s fantasy, medival elements. The story, lore, adventure and customizable character growth as well as unique, awesome playing environment is what is going to catch most eyes in the wonderful world of RPG gaming.

Of course, in the attempt to now include female gamers and the LGBT crowds into the ‘modern gaming realm’ we will see over emotional male scenes as we did in the main plot line as we did in the first which makes most men (at least the ones I’ve talked with in as well as outside of Japan) hit the skip cutscene button during those overly emotional wastes of time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little emotion every now and then but most of the people I’ve talked with about the emotional male scenes in games, movies and even TV shows lately are just a little much. It’s okay, a small price to pay for some good fantasy RPG goodness!

The gameplay is supposed to be a lot better but it looks more or less the same to me. Either way, I’ll play it just for the story and lore involved. It’s not the best but a lot better than most RPGs in current days.

Until then I guess I’ll be absorbed in Tactics Ogre!!

Finished up all the quests on Dragon Age 2 except for the Deep Roads

I’ve been through all the quests with only the Deep Roads left but after downloading and installing then buying items from “The Black Emporium” I went down from 40k to 29k and I don’t have the 50k to ‘invest’ into the expedition into the Deep Roads with the Dwarves. So I’m finding odds and ends to do to get the rest of the sovereigns (money) needed to get this done. I also have to admit that ‘The Exiled Prince’ was a letdown to me. I thought he was a permanent addition but I guess not. I went through 3 quick quests with him and he was back in the chantry. I’m also getting frustrated that I haven’t been able to proposition the Elven mage since her nature magic and my focus on the Elements would birth one awesome mageling lol.

I must admit that I was expecting a lot more content than what I’ve seen so far but I’m sure Bioware will have havens of DLC to ‘purchase’ in the not to distant future to make up for it to rip me off even more!  Well, I’ll get back to the grinding now (if I can find any) and hope I can reach the 50k mark to further my DA2 experience!


FFXIV Patch 1.16 set for early March

The outline for the patch looks promising and are
outlined as followed:

Patch 1.16 Outline

Patch 1.16 is scheduled to go live in early March, bringing
with it new quests, various improvements to the user interface, and more!

The list below briefly outlines the content slated for release in the
forthcoming patch.
◆Outline of Patch 1.16 Content
Storylines and
world quests
Quest-related system changes
Addition of icons to make
quest NPCs easily recognizable
Addition of quest NPC locations to maps

Journal improvements
Reexamintion of data transfer mechanics to display
all current quests and levequests on one screen
Increased speed for text
scrolling in general, and further speed increase for continuous scrolling

Addition of page-scrolling control for gamepads
Rank/Level up fanfare

Examination of dramatic effects when a new rank or level is attained

Camera improvements
Ability to adjust camera distance when locked onto a
Ability to freely adjust camera distance when playing with a gamepad

Targeting system improvements
Ability to target by type (“PC only” or
“NPC only”) when using a gamepad
Ability to target by clicking on character
name displays
Auto-translate dictionary update
Update of auto-translate
dictionary contents
Guildleve usability improvements
Reexamination of
and balancing of local levequest issuing conditions
Adjustments to item
condition values
Adjustments to lower the rate at which item condition
Synthesis interface improvements
Adjustments to the item
synthesis process
Increased pace of gathering actions
Changes to the
frame rates of action animations to speed up gathering
Retainer system
Ability to summon retainers currently operating a bazaar

Reexamination of enemy size
Optimization of enemy size for ease of play

Reexamination of stats
Addition of an auto-MP regeneration feature

For more details, be sure to keep an eye on further Topics posts in the
coming days. In addition, comprehensive patch notes will be available on the day
of the patch’s release. Relevant dates and times will be announced in
Information posts as they become available.

Well, I like most of what I see here but I’m still
concerned about server stability.
Even though these changes will most likely
improve the game so much compared to the state it was in a while ago, I would
argue that server stability is more important.  That being said, that is my only
complaint and this game is on its way to surpass the revolutionary FFXI
MMORPG.  The new changes in the team and staff over at the FFXIV HQ appears
to have been a very wise decision.
So far, so good!




I just saw a video not too long ago announcing the infamous FFXIII-2 to be released in Dec 2011.  Of course, if it sucked as much as FFXIII then they won’t have to worry about me picking up this upgraded feminized, dumbed-down version of game with potential.  I’d sooner rather go the amazon and lick poisonous frogs as well as eat deadly shrubs while wading through an isolated pond that causes flesh decay that’s infested with piranhas, surrounded by amazonian headhunters.  As I recall from one Japanese reviewer stated in a home made video review of FFXIII ‘I felt like the whole time I was running down a tunnel with a few breaks of a movie.  In short, an interactive movie but the content is lacking.’  Honestly, I agree with his statement 100%.  Some of my friends on mixi said they won’t buy FFXIII-2 already but I’m willing to wait and see what comes up.  If it has that same feel of awesome graphics, ok-ish storyline but a serious lack of content then Square Enix you can bet that I’ll still be on FFXIV or Tactics Ogre on the PSP (really good by the way, better than FF Tactics in my opinion.  Kind like a blend of the awesomeness of Ogre Battle and FF Tactics).

I hope the developers aren’t lazy and put towns, wider areas, more equipment in the game as well as make the game more flexible in general.  I’ve lost a lot of confidence in SE but they can gain my trust back if they put more, better content and better battle system than what they did with FFXIII and FFXIV.  There’s nothing wrong with new stuff (personally, I love stuff) but it has to be good stuff.