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Letter from the Producer, XIII (07/08/2011)

From the Lodestone:


Hello everyone! Yoshi-P here with
another post for all you FFXIV-ers.

I apologize in advance for the
brevity of this letter, but wanted to inform you all right away that we are
planning to release patch 1.18 on July 21 (PST).

All that’s left is the
balancing and debugging of the two instanced raids. (There’s no guarantee all
future instances will fit the definition of “dungeon,” and it’d just be
ridiculous and flat out wrong to call something that isn’t a dungeon a dungeon,
right? But even a small party of people can raid a given location, dungeon or
otherwise. Just sayin’.) But things are preeetty tight, so there may be a 1- or
2-day delay.

Sorry to all of you who are waiting, but
we want to make sure the debugging is done right before releasing this content,
so bear with us just a bit longer. That’s it for now. Time to get back to

See you soon!  ‘


It seems we have another 2 weeks ahead of us.  Hopefully 1.18 will be ready for us by then.


[patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

From by NOC_EU 6/15/2011


‘ [patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

Fixed Bugs

  • Measures have been implemented to address the recurring server failure issue
    occurring in market areas.
  • Measures have been implemented to address the issue wherein viewing the
    linkshell member list may cause the client to crash.
  • The following bugs have been addressed:
    • A bug wherein the enemies “Prince of Pestilence” and “Unknown Soldier” may
      neither be seen nor targeted despite appearing on the minimap.
    • A bug wherein the location of one’s retainer may change following server
    • A bug wherein the journal entry may not be updated for the quest “A Piece of
      History.” ‘

Letter from the Producer, XI (6/14/2011)

Here is a sample video of auto-attack to be implemented in Patch 1.18.

The original post from the Lodestone can be found at:

Looks like they’re burning the midnight oil over there!

Star Wars: The Old Republic

One of the best looking MMOs that’s coming out within the next year or so seems to be Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I played Star Wars Galaxies for about a year or so but it didn’t live up to my expectations at all so away I went.  However, I do think there were several positive aspects of the game.  This seems to be a similar, but much better version of SWG and hopefully it will have less headache in it as well.

There are many trailers to watch and a lot of info about it over at and you can even sign up to be a beta tester there.  While watching one of the E3 videos featuring Dallas Dickinson’s commentary, he explained a lot about the online partying system, battle system, character progression and dialogue during quests.  You can even ‘teleport’ back to the last place you bound yourself to (ie. a specific outpost, city, etc) after finishing a quest deep in a monster’s lair, for example.

From what I saw during the E3 video trailer it looks pretty awesome.  All hail to MMO awesomeness!!


My opinion of The Witcher 2

This is a really great game if it was newly released in the early 2000s.  However, from the lack of abilities, skill tree, options for ‘doing stuff’ to the redundant sword swinging the same way as a 90s hack ‘n slash, I felt this game is very much behind the curve of new millenium gaming.

Though it does provide somewhat of a decent visual experience, I couldn’t help to feel that there is something very lacking in the game.  There are some quests, there is a main story but character growth (or a lack thereof) makes me feel that this game falls short of what is expected.

Though it does have a few ‘mature’ scenes in it and has language consistent that would be used as adults would use in certain situations, I don’t think many in my age group would find this game very appealing after spending a few days playing.  It most likely will make most feel as if they were ripped off.

I think I’d rather play my modded version of The Last Remnant or The Last Oddesy.

[patch1.17b] Patch 1.17b Notes (from the lodestone)

posted by NOC_EU at 05-23-2011 06:43 PM


  • [dev1035] Target filter cycling has been removed from targeting mode A, and
    targeting mode C adde.

    /targetmode (/tmode) [subcommand]
    Activate targeting mode A
    b Activate targeting mode B
    c Activate
    targeting mode C
    * Activating targeting mode C will set the
    target filter to ALL.
    * The default targeting mode is

  • [dev1083] A new text command has been added which allows players to specify
    targeting behavior when pressing confirm without a target selected.

    /directtarget (/dtar) [subcommand]
    Toggle direct targeting on.
    (Overrides active targeting mode to render
    all characters selectable.)
    off Toggle direct targeting
    (Determines selectable targets based on current targeting
    Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
    * The default setting is


  • The following bugs have been addressed:
    • A bug wherein a party currently engaging a notorious monster could receive
      the benefits of items from other parties.
    • A bug wherein gnats did not link under certain circumstances.
    • A bug wherein players could not undertake certain duties in the sidequest
      “Seashells by the Seashore.”
    • A bug wherein pressing Ctrl + T to scroll through the /tell history
      would skip the most recent recipient.  ‘

The Witcher 2

So far, this looks like a great game.  It is for a mature audience and has a pretty decent visual scenes and the storyline also appears good.  I have just started out so I’ll get back with more details.

You can bet I’ll have some in-game pics and Fraps videos from the actual game play as well as cutscenes.

Square Enix’s Holdings (SE is reporting losses) Will FFXIV be affected?

It seems that SE may be chopping off wayard projects and possibly some future game content for certain titles.

Could FFXIV be on the chopping block? Is it possible that SE would cut FFXIV after already using so many resources (and a lot of time) to revamped the game?

Most people don’t think so and I’m one of them. As much as SE seems to do odd things at times, I’m sure SE wouldn’t do something that drastic.

The report from SE can be found at:

Letter from the Producer, IX (05/02/2011)

From the Lodestone  at by Naoki Yoshida on 5/2/2011

“Well, we are creeping up on Golden Week here in Japan—a weeklong vacation packed with some of Japan’s finest holiday offerings. But for now it’s still business as usual in the office for Yoshida and crew.

Patches 1.17 and 1.17a are good and done, and we’ve started work on the next patch—appropriately named 1.18.

1.18 is going to be relatively bigger than previous patches. This means that balancing is going to take more time than usual, and so we’re anticipating a somewhat longer period between patches. Even if we break off some of the content and release it ahead of time in a 1.17b patch (which me might!), 1.18 will still go live sometime in mid-June at the earliest. Sorry for that.

But good things come to those who wait! Dungeons designed for ranks 30 and 50 are on their way, and 1.18 will see the start of our reworking of the battle system, as we bring in some changes to that area.

Also, we’re planning to introduce various new encampments that will serve as quest hubs. We’re in the process of testing these now on our development servers, and I strong-armed one of the designers in charge into handing over some screenshots for me to post here.

From top to bottom, those are encampments in the Ul’dah, Limsa Lominsa, and Gridania regions. In this way, we’re going to gradually increase the number of public areas with quest hubs. We also have some beast tribe versions in the works, but it’s looking like those will have to wait until 1.19.

By the by, this is still under development, but here’s what the beast tribe equivalent is looking like.

I’ll continue to drop more details on future patch content on the Lodestone forums, and in these letters as well. Akihiko Matsui, our lead battle planner, will also be posting on the forums in the near future regarding some of the new battle concepts we have planned.

Come mid-May, the vanguards of the Grand Companies will be the first to brave Eorzea’s newly discovered dungeons. Their preliminary reports will be made available on the Grand Companies page on the Lodestone, so be sure to check it out!

Instanced dungeons will provide a means to further solidify the bonds of the Maelstrom, the Immortal Flames, and the Order of the Twin Adder. The Grand Companies are large-scale organizations that will play an active role in the events going on in Eorzea as they happen, so be on the lookout!

In my next letter, I’ll be sure to update the list of game changes. (Sorry it’s been so long…)

Until then! And for players in Japan, I hope you enjoy Eorzea over your Golden Week!

Oh, and one more thing, I’ve seen some auto-translations of some of my posts going up on the forums. A recent one concerning synthesis actually starting spreading some misinformation before our official translation came out. I know I post at crazy hours sometimes, and that there are time lags, but ask that you please refrain from posting these translations in the forums. Thanks, and talk to you again soon!”

Patch 1.17 Notes from the Lodestone

From the Lodestone:

‘ [patch1.17] Patch 1.17 Notes


•[dev1004] Upon meeting the objectives of a main scenario or class quest, an exclamation point (!) icon will appear over the NPC offering the quest. An exclamation point icon will also appear over the heads of NPCs with whom a player must speak to advance a quest.

•[dev1004] Objectives for several quests have been adjusted.
Party members who are KO’d now receive credit for defeated enemies.
Party members KO’d in battle while on a quest are now automatically revived after the battle is won.

•[dev1004] Distinguishing icons are now displayed next to the names of quest-related NPCs. Target enemies of quests are now represented on the minimap by red dots.

•[dev1002][dev1003] New sidequests have been added.

•[dev1051] Class requirements for undertaking the following sidequests have been adjusted:

Sidequest Before After

Proceed with Caution Disciplines of War and Magic → All classes
Playing with Fire Disciplines of War and Magic → All classes

•[dev1011] The rate and amount of guild tokens that can be obtained on local levequests have been adjusted.

•[dev1021] The following changes have been made to behests.

•The maximum number of participants has been reduced from 15 to 8.

•The behest reset timer has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.

•The period during which behests may be undertaken has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

•The period during which behests must be completed has been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

•The period during which rewards can be claimed upon completion of a behest has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

•The number of behest enemies has been adjusted.


•[dev1031] New notorious monsters have been added.

•[dev1030] Enemy distribuion has been adjusted in the following areas:
•Lower La Noscea
•Western La Noscea
•Eastern La Noscea
•Central Thanalan
•Eastern Thanalan
•Western Thanalan
•Central Shroud
•North Shroud
•South Shroud

•[dev1049] Several of the actions and motions of the following enemies have been adjusted:
Magicked Bones, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Swordbearer, Wandering Wight, Wendigo, Wight, Wight Warrior

•[dev1050] The Misdirection ability of the following enemies now deals no damage to players:
Kokoroon Quickfingers, Longnose Gnognoroon, Qiqirn Beater, Qiqirn Egg Hunter, Qiqirn Eggnapper, Qiqirn Goon, Qiqirn Mercenary, Qiqirn Poacher, Qiqirn Scrambler

•[dev1020] The maximum number of party members has been reduced from 15 to 8.
The strength of several notorious monsters has been adjusted to coincide with this.

•[dev1020] Players now receive enhancing status effects when in a light party (4–7 members) or full party (8 members).

•Comradery (light party)
Maximum HP and MP increased by 5%
Physical and magic accuracy increased by 5%

•Strength in Numbers (full party)
Maximum HP and MP increased by 10%
Physical and magic accuracy increased by 10%

•[dev1037] Graphic effects of actions and spells have been enlarged by a factor of between 1.5 to 2 times their original size.


•[dev1038] New items have been added.
Several new pieces of class-specific gear have been added.
* Classes capable of equipping these items are listed after a Requires: prefix in the item text.

•[dev1041] The rate at which the condition of accessories degrades has been reduced depending on the amount of other gear equipped.

•[dev1042] Messages informing players of items obtained through gathering now display the item’s icon next to its name.

•[dev1039] When the three below conditions are met in regards to the grade and difficulty of a gathering attempt, the “sweet spot” of the approach phase will be in a fixed location.
1. Class rank
2. Values of VIT for miners, STR for botanists, and DEX for fishers
3. Bait and lures (for fishing only)
ex.) At a certain grade and difficulty, having the appropriate rank, DEX value, and bait/lure will ensure that jigging the rod precisely in the middle will result in a black eel hit.


•[dev1043] The following UI features have been enlarged:
•Player HP/MP/TP gauges
•Target HP gauges
•Party member HP/MP gauges

•[dev1052] The text designations through can now be used to select targets.

•[dev1044] The text command /hpbar has been added, and can be used to toggle the display of HP bars on and off for all targets capable of engaging in combat.
USAGE: /hpbar [subcommand]
 all  Display HP bars for all enemies and players.
 off  Hide HP bars for enemies and players.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1045] The text command /enemyrank (/erank) has been added, and can be used to toggle display names on and off for enemies.
As part of this new feature, the icons previously used to display an enemy’s strength have been removed from the game.
USAGE: /enemyrank [subcommand]
 on  Display enemy ranks.
 off  Hide enemy ranks.
 Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1040] The text command /enemyicon (/eicon) has been added, and can be used to toggle the display of active and non-active icons for enemies.
USAGE: /enemyicon [subcommand]
 on  Display active (red) and non-active (green) icons.
 off  Hide active (red) and non-active (green) icons.
 Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1020] Party Member 5–7 options have been added to the Keyboard section under main menu » Configuration.

•[dev1020] The following features have been removed to coincide with the new maximum party size:
•Party recruitment settings for 9 or more members
•Text macros through

•[dev1053] The following items now display on both the world map and minimap.
•Guildleve Counter
•Linkshell Manager
•Retainer Counter
•Summoning Bell
•Guild Mark Exchange

•[dev1046] Retainer locations are now saved even following server maintenance.

•[dev1029] Character collision with relatively low-lying outdoor elements has been removed.

•[dev1054] Rocks in front of the Adventurers’ Guild in Gridania and next to the NPC Maisenta have been removed from the game.

•[dev1047] Battle music now cuts in and out, rather than fading in and out.

•[dev1048] Current patch version information is now displayed on the title screen.

Fixed Bugs
•The following bugs have been addressed.
•A bug wherein the target popoto-opotos on the sidequest “A Well-Balanced Diet” were appearing in an incorrect location.
•A bug wherein the enmity generated when using healing, enhancing, or enfeebling actions against an enemy of a rank different than your own was incorrect.
•A bug wherein characters were sometimes too easily resisting the status ailments caused by enemy spells.
•A bug wherein the condition of Pugilist Arms was degrading at an incorrect rate under certain circumstances.
•A bug wherein characters were getting stuck among the thick trees and dense vegetation of certain areas, making further adventuring impossible.
•A bug wherein the icons next to player names were displaying incorrectly.
•A bug wherein the teleport offer prompt that appears when other party members teleport would not disappear, even after accepting or refusing.
•A bug wherein discarding a stack of items numbering between 201 and 230 caused the game client to crash.
•A bug wherein a player’s current gil was not displayed when leasing a market stand.
•A bug wherein blacklists were sometimes displaying incorrectly.
•A bug wherein negative stats of gear were not functioning correctly.
•A bug wherein mashing the Accept/Confirm button on a gamepad while crafting for a local levequest would forgo the synthesis details interface, and prevent all game commands other than chat.

Known Bugs
•A bug wherein party member markers on the world map and minimap sometimes shift abruptly to the lower right portion of said map. ‘

A plethora of much needed updates and fixes! If the FFXIV teams keep this up while constantly adding content then I might actually stop playing Ogre Tactics on PSP and start playing this longer than doing the daily levequest grind and logging off!