Patch 1.17 Notes from the Lodestone

From the Lodestone:

‘ [patch1.17] Patch 1.17 Notes


•[dev1004] Upon meeting the objectives of a main scenario or class quest, an exclamation point (!) icon will appear over the NPC offering the quest. An exclamation point icon will also appear over the heads of NPCs with whom a player must speak to advance a quest.

•[dev1004] Objectives for several quests have been adjusted.
Party members who are KO’d now receive credit for defeated enemies.
Party members KO’d in battle while on a quest are now automatically revived after the battle is won.

•[dev1004] Distinguishing icons are now displayed next to the names of quest-related NPCs. Target enemies of quests are now represented on the minimap by red dots.

•[dev1002][dev1003] New sidequests have been added.

•[dev1051] Class requirements for undertaking the following sidequests have been adjusted:

Sidequest Before After

Proceed with Caution Disciplines of War and Magic → All classes
Playing with Fire Disciplines of War and Magic → All classes

•[dev1011] The rate and amount of guild tokens that can be obtained on local levequests have been adjusted.

•[dev1021] The following changes have been made to behests.

•The maximum number of participants has been reduced from 15 to 8.

•The behest reset timer has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes.

•The period during which behests may be undertaken has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

•The period during which behests must be completed has been reduced from 30 minutes to 20 minutes.

•The period during which rewards can be claimed upon completion of a behest has been reduced from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

•The number of behest enemies has been adjusted.


•[dev1031] New notorious monsters have been added.

•[dev1030] Enemy distribuion has been adjusted in the following areas:
•Lower La Noscea
•Western La Noscea
•Eastern La Noscea
•Central Thanalan
•Eastern Thanalan
•Western Thanalan
•Central Shroud
•North Shroud
•South Shroud

•[dev1049] Several of the actions and motions of the following enemies have been adjusted:
Magicked Bones, Skeleton Soldier, Skeleton Swordbearer, Wandering Wight, Wendigo, Wight, Wight Warrior

•[dev1050] The Misdirection ability of the following enemies now deals no damage to players:
Kokoroon Quickfingers, Longnose Gnognoroon, Qiqirn Beater, Qiqirn Egg Hunter, Qiqirn Eggnapper, Qiqirn Goon, Qiqirn Mercenary, Qiqirn Poacher, Qiqirn Scrambler

•[dev1020] The maximum number of party members has been reduced from 15 to 8.
The strength of several notorious monsters has been adjusted to coincide with this.

•[dev1020] Players now receive enhancing status effects when in a light party (4–7 members) or full party (8 members).

•Comradery (light party)
Maximum HP and MP increased by 5%
Physical and magic accuracy increased by 5%

•Strength in Numbers (full party)
Maximum HP and MP increased by 10%
Physical and magic accuracy increased by 10%

•[dev1037] Graphic effects of actions and spells have been enlarged by a factor of between 1.5 to 2 times their original size.


•[dev1038] New items have been added.
Several new pieces of class-specific gear have been added.
* Classes capable of equipping these items are listed after a Requires: prefix in the item text.

•[dev1041] The rate at which the condition of accessories degrades has been reduced depending on the amount of other gear equipped.

•[dev1042] Messages informing players of items obtained through gathering now display the item’s icon next to its name.

•[dev1039] When the three below conditions are met in regards to the grade and difficulty of a gathering attempt, the “sweet spot” of the approach phase will be in a fixed location.
1. Class rank
2. Values of VIT for miners, STR for botanists, and DEX for fishers
3. Bait and lures (for fishing only)
ex.) At a certain grade and difficulty, having the appropriate rank, DEX value, and bait/lure will ensure that jigging the rod precisely in the middle will result in a black eel hit.


•[dev1043] The following UI features have been enlarged:
•Player HP/MP/TP gauges
•Target HP gauges
•Party member HP/MP gauges

•[dev1052] The text designations through can now be used to select targets.

•[dev1044] The text command /hpbar has been added, and can be used to toggle the display of HP bars on and off for all targets capable of engaging in combat.
USAGE: /hpbar [subcommand]
 all  Display HP bars for all enemies and players.
 off  Hide HP bars for enemies and players.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1045] The text command /enemyrank (/erank) has been added, and can be used to toggle display names on and off for enemies.
As part of this new feature, the icons previously used to display an enemy’s strength have been removed from the game.
USAGE: /enemyrank [subcommand]
 on  Display enemy ranks.
 off  Hide enemy ranks.
 Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1040] The text command /enemyicon (/eicon) has been added, and can be used to toggle the display of active and non-active icons for enemies.
USAGE: /enemyicon [subcommand]
 on  Display active (red) and non-active (green) icons.
 off  Hide active (red) and non-active (green) icons.
 Toggle between on and off when no subcommand is specified.
 * This option is set to off by default.

•[dev1020] Party Member 5–7 options have been added to the Keyboard section under main menu » Configuration.

•[dev1020] The following features have been removed to coincide with the new maximum party size:
•Party recruitment settings for 9 or more members
•Text macros through

•[dev1053] The following items now display on both the world map and minimap.
•Guildleve Counter
•Linkshell Manager
•Retainer Counter
•Summoning Bell
•Guild Mark Exchange

•[dev1046] Retainer locations are now saved even following server maintenance.

•[dev1029] Character collision with relatively low-lying outdoor elements has been removed.

•[dev1054] Rocks in front of the Adventurers’ Guild in Gridania and next to the NPC Maisenta have been removed from the game.

•[dev1047] Battle music now cuts in and out, rather than fading in and out.

•[dev1048] Current patch version information is now displayed on the title screen.

Fixed Bugs
•The following bugs have been addressed.
•A bug wherein the target popoto-opotos on the sidequest “A Well-Balanced Diet” were appearing in an incorrect location.
•A bug wherein the enmity generated when using healing, enhancing, or enfeebling actions against an enemy of a rank different than your own was incorrect.
•A bug wherein characters were sometimes too easily resisting the status ailments caused by enemy spells.
•A bug wherein the condition of Pugilist Arms was degrading at an incorrect rate under certain circumstances.
•A bug wherein characters were getting stuck among the thick trees and dense vegetation of certain areas, making further adventuring impossible.
•A bug wherein the icons next to player names were displaying incorrectly.
•A bug wherein the teleport offer prompt that appears when other party members teleport would not disappear, even after accepting or refusing.
•A bug wherein discarding a stack of items numbering between 201 and 230 caused the game client to crash.
•A bug wherein a player’s current gil was not displayed when leasing a market stand.
•A bug wherein blacklists were sometimes displaying incorrectly.
•A bug wherein negative stats of gear were not functioning correctly.
•A bug wherein mashing the Accept/Confirm button on a gamepad while crafting for a local levequest would forgo the synthesis details interface, and prevent all game commands other than chat.

Known Bugs
•A bug wherein party member markers on the world map and minimap sometimes shift abruptly to the lower right portion of said map. ‘

A plethora of much needed updates and fixes! If the FFXIV teams keep this up while constantly adding content then I might actually stop playing Ogre Tactics on PSP and start playing this longer than doing the daily levequest grind and logging off!


The introduction to the Grand Companies of Eorzea

From the lodestone:

In all honesty I’m not a fan of any introduction of ‘companies’ into Eorzea. I feel that it takes away from the lore since one of the main elements that draw fans to FFXIV is being able to play as you want, how you want without worry of structured hierarchies such as a private ‘business.’ It only reminds people like me of FFVII’s Shinra Inc. and how they leeched resources from the peoples of the world and ended up nearly destroying it with mindless research headed by a mad scientist (which is very close to what is happening in reality but that’s another topic).

I’d prefer, for the sake of lore, that these type of fantasy games stick to ‘guilds’ or something of that sort but I won’t make too much of a fuss over this. For now. If this element of FFXIV becomes too much like the real world (and inevitably boring) then away I will wander from this title.

Notorious Monsters (04/13/2011)

From the lodestone:

‘ Though these creatures can appear hauntingly similar to existing monsters, their ferocious nature sets them apart from their weaker cousins. Many an adventurer has met an untimely demise by failing to recognize risks that come with engaging these deadly adversaries. To ensure you fare better, this post not only includes in-depth views of three select notorious monsters, but provides screenshots for all twenty being introduced. It will also take a first-time look at three pieces of epic gear obtainable by slaying the beasts.

Notorious Monsters

Only when a creature grows more cunning, more aggressive, more deadly than its brethren is it worthy of a name.
—Frandelont Raimdelle

Bomb Baron

Feared around the realm for reducing all it touches to ash, the Bomb Baron pursues its prey with a passion hotter than the whitest forge. Legend says this abomination was once an adventurer who made his name culling thousands upon thousands of bombs across Eorzea, until one day a stray bomb caught him unawares and he died of burns rendered by the voidsent’s timely explosion. Upon hearing of the soul’s arrival in the fiery depths of the sixth hell, the Bomb King snatched it up and used ash from his own body to resurrect the adventurer as a bomb. He dubbed the creation the “Bomb Baron” and sent him back to Eorzea, telling him that his soul would suffer eternal torment until he had taken the lives of as many adventurers as he had bombs.


Until recently, the sylphs celebrated a traditional springtime festival known as the Dance of the Tusks, in which tribe elders would enter a ring armed only with a spear and a cape, and test their mettle against ferocious wild boars. When a tragic accident led to one of the elders being gored and eaten, however, the tribe was left with little choice but to abandon their heritage. Fearing the wrath of the elementals, the sylphs canceled all future Dances and set the remaining boars free, including the fattened male champion, Phaia, who still roams the Black Shroud, his bloodlust as intense as the day he gained his freedom.

Kokoroon Quickfingers

A multi-talented qiqirn thief, it is said that Kokoroon Quickfingers is so nimble that he can empty a man’s purse and have the pouch back on his belt quicker than the blink of an eye. Originally from La Noscea, Kokoroon earned fame in the Sailors Ward of Limsa Lominsa where he would use his deft digits to strum jolly tunes on his lute, luring audiences into absent-minded revelry. Then, during intermissions, he would mingle with crowds, laughing and sharing tales, all the while snatching coins from the pockets of his unsuspecting victims. Needless to say, it was not long before Kokoroon had a bounty placed on his head by the Knights of the Barracuda, and was forced to flee across the Strait of Merlthor to the parched deserts of Thanalan where it is said he still wanders today, lute in hand, ever in search of his next victim.

Lost Treasures

Kple Kple

• Two-handed Conjurer’s Arm

• Requires: Conjurer
• Optimal Rank: 30

• Magic Potency: 112
• Magic Accuracy: 126
• Critical Hit Rate: 136
• Earth: 50%
• Wind: 50%
• Dexterity: +2
• Intelligence: +2
• Piety: +2
• Number of Attacks: +1

This staff is said to have been created by a powerful conjurer who took the taproot of an ancient rosewood tree burned to the ground by a levinbolt, and fixed to it a ceremonial sun mask used by the primitive tribes on the distant southern continent of Meracydia. The magicked weapon is said to grant its wielder the ability to hear the whispers of the elementals.

Shield of the Savage

• Shield

• Requires: Gladiator, Conjurer, Thaumaturge
• Optimal Rank: 30

• Defense: 11
• Attack: 21
• Blocking: 85
• Wield Rate: 13
• HP: +12
• Strength: +1
• Vitality: +1

This massive shield carved from maple and draped in thick sheep leather is presented by Ixali tribal elders to warriors who have shown exceptional bravery in battle. Once received, its owner will use the shield until it literally falls to pieces; the damage it bears proof of the battles the shield has seen. The twin spikes protruding from the lower section of the frame can be used as hooks to rip an opponent’s shield from his hands or destroy it altogether.

Loyalist’s Bliaud

• Attire

• Requires: Conjurer, Thaumaturge
• Optimal Rank: 30

• Defense: 58
• Magic Defense: 72
• Evasion: 33
• Resilience: 42
• Wind: 3%
• Intelligence: +3
• Mind: +3
• Piety: +3
• Magic Accuracy: +2
• Elemental Resistences: +35

The Loyalist’s Bilaud is a thick coat of indigo velveteen that was once awarded by the Pontifex to musketeers who performed exemplary deeds in service of the Holy See of Ishgard. The grossly oversized shoulder pads and billowing drapery about the hem make for a stunning silhouette, and the look was considered à la mode for many decades. The garment was far from practical for use on the battlefield, however, as the gaudy design proved an easy target for enemy archers.
* Patch 1.17 will also see the introduction of class-specific equipment. If an item’s help text states that it “requires” a certain class, only adventurers of that class will be able to equip the item. ‘

Not much to say about this besides the obvious; The more content I see being implemented, the more I like FFXIV.

Patch 1.17 Outline (04/12/2011)

As promised in the seventh Letter from the Producer, we are happy to announce that patch 1.17 is on schedule for release in a matter of days.

◆ Patch 1.17 Release Date Thursday, April 14, 2011 (following server maintenance)

◆ Patch 1.17 Maintenance Time 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PDT)

The following is a brief outline of the planned changes:

◆ Patch Outline

•[dev1002] [dev1003] The implementation of new sidequests
•[dev1011] The balancing of guildleve rewards
•[dev1020] Adjustments and additions to the party system Maximum party size has been reduced to 8 members. Parties with 4 to 7 members are now called “light parties.” Parties with 8 members are called “full parties.” Special status enhancements will be granted to light and full parties. (Changes to party member display UI still under consideration.)
•[dev1021] Adjustments to battle content in conjunction with the new party system Adjustments to behest difficulty and bonuses to accommodate new full party size of 8 members. Adjustments to the behest schedule.
•[dev1029] Adjustments to environment collision detection
•[dev1030] Adjustments to enemy distribution
•[dev1031] The addition of new notorious monsters
•[dev1038] The implementation of new equipment and items
•[dev1039] The reduction of randomness affecting the approach phase in gathering
•[dev1040] Adjustments and additions to active icons

A more detailed report can be found in the 1.17 patch notes, scheduled for release on April 14.

Can There Only Be One? (from Zam forums)

Nobody thought FFXIV would be in FFXI’s shadow. Is there room for both MMOs?

Remember last summer when a certain ZAM staff member wrote an editorial questioning whether Final Fantasy XI would crumble next to the magnificence of Final Fantasy XIV?

Yeah, so about that…

When I wrote my editorial last summer about the coming of Final Fantasy XIV, I figured many players would leave Vana’diel to check out Eorzea. I thought Square Enix was done adding significantly new content to Final Fantasy XI, and that the powers that be would rather have adventurers traipsing around Eorzea. After all, what kind of self-respecting gaming company would want its biggest cash cow chained to obsolete Playstation 2 technology?

Unfortunately, the launch of Final Fantasy XIV failed. The game is stunningly beautiful but still extremely low on content. Although the game still has a chance to rebound with a strong Playstation 3 release and continued tenacity from Naoki Yoshida, the game’s new producer, we may always wonder “what might have been” when pondering the game’s catastrophically premature release.

But today I’m wrestling with bigger questions — could Final Fantasy XI be regarded as Final Fantasy XIV’s biggest competitor? If so, would the folks at Square Enix be willing to cannibalize one game to save the other? And if the choice had to be made today, which game would be more worth saving?

While Eorzea was floundering, Vana’diel was thriving, thanks in large part to the Abyssea battlefield expansions. The first Abyssea expansion, titled Vision of Abyssea, was released three months prior to the launch of Final Fantasy XIV. Expectations were low for the quality of the Abyssea series, mainly because of the low regard among players for the previously released trio of add-on scenario expansions. By the time Final Fantasy XIV was released, residents of Vana’diel were realizing the vast potential of the Abyssea areas.

Fast forward to today, and Abyssea has clearly redefined endgame in Final Fantasy XI. Rather than spend countless hours grinding for experience points, players can now spend more of their days hunting notorious monsters and seeking rare treasures. There are numerous carrots to be chased in the Abyssea areas, and the sticks are both long and short. Thanks to Abyssea, Vana’diel is suddenly an endgame adventurer’s dream come true.

The facelift of Final Fantasy XI doesn’t stop in Abyssea. Fields of Valor was expanded, allowing players to participate in unlimited battle regimens. The development team also increased the amount of experience points awarded for killing mobs in non-Abyssea areas, and skilling up weapons and magic was made easier. Not only was the endgame of FFXI reworked, but low-level soloers and parties were given a sizable boost. Next in line to be reinvented are the core zones of Dynamis. If the success of Abyssea is any indication, I have a feeling one of Vana’diel’s oldest activities is about to become lively again.

Even more amazing is the fact that my home server of Lakshmi seems as populated as it was last September. There must have been some attrition in Final Fantasy XI, otherwise Square Enix wouldn’t be on the verge of merging more servers. That said, there’s no way the playerbase of FFXIV holds a candle to the population of FFXI.

I still don’t doubt that Square Enix wants Final Fantasy XIV to be the company’s new flagship MMO, and why wouldn’t they? The game was (shockingly) under development for years. It’s built upon the in-house Crystal Tools graphics engine. The game is built with the latest technology in mind and is arguably the best-looking MMO on the market. Most of all, a revamped version of FFXIV would be very appealing to a large demographic of gamers who have grown up on the Final Fantasy series.

There was a time when Final Fantasy XIV was more attractive to a wider range of gamers. A poll conducted by developers earlier this year showed that people playing FFXIV had more experience in FFXI than any other MMO. Not far behind was World of Warcraft. Beyond that, FFXIV gamers had come from games ranging from Guild Wars to Aion to The Lord of the Rings Online. However, the bad press surrounding FFXIV’s failed launch as taken a toll on the game’s playerbase. I can’t imagine too many WoW refugees will pass up games like RIFT so they can stand around in Eorzea.

This highlights the ultimate truth. Not only does Square Enix need to completely revamp its flagging MMO, but the company must find a way to recapture that fan base that has carried the Final Fantasy franchise for so many years.

And therein lays the ultimate dilemma – because thousands of those players are currently having the times of their lives in Abyssea.

So, I ask, what will become of Final Fantasy XI?

There’s no longer any question about whether Final Fantasy XI is dying. It’s not. But does saving Final Fantasy XIV mean stunting the growth of Final Fantasy XI? The world of Vana’diel is as lively as it has been in a long time, and the announcement of more new content – especially something as big as a full-scale expansion – could guarantee years of additional shelf life for the 9-year-old game. However, good luck convincing those players to move to Eorzea if any such expansions were to happen.

In a recent interview, Naoki Yoshida reaffirmed his commitment to salvage FFXIV. Unlike other gaming companies, Square Enix is not at the mercy of investors, he said, and can take whatever time is needed to heal its ailing title. On our forums and elsewhere, people have openly debated whether the Playstation 3 version will ever come to fruition. I have no doubt the game will be released on the PS3 – otherwise, Square Enix would have already pulled the plug.

That’s why I wouldn’t expect any massive content updates to Final Fantasy XI in the near future. Why would Square Enix want to release earth-shattering content for Final Fantasy XI at the risk of suffocating Final Fantasy XIV? On the flipside, how long can FFXI thrive on recycled content before players require something more? How long can Square Enix hold off on genuinely new content for Final Fantasy XI before the tried-and-true cash cow stops yielding milk?

Forget what you wanted six months ago and ask this question now: would you rather play a revamped version of Final Fantasy XIV – a game that still lacks plot, personality and purpose, and even with a massive overhaul might never get off the ground — or today’s version of Final Fantasy XI, an incredibly deep and revitalized game that could conceivably be unchained from its PS2 anchor? I really love the drive that Naoki Yoshida brings to the FFXIV development team, and so I’m not ready to write off Eorzea.

Honestly, though, Vana’diel has never looked so good — and for the folks at Square Enix, that’s got to be a serious problem.

[dev1037] Enhancement of Battle Effects (from the Lodestone)

•The size of battle effects for actions and magic will be enhanced by 1.5 to 2 times the current.

(Click the image to enlarge)

To hold a discussion and/or submit feedbacks on this topic, please use “dev1037” as a tag.

Letter from the Producer, VII (04/01/2011)

From the Lodestone:

‘Well, the game servers are now back online, and the development is almost returned to full strength, but the effects of the recent Tohoku earthquake and tsunami are far-reaching and profound. Much as those in the areas directly affected by the tragedy, we here in Tokyo must also remain vigilant. We’re continuing with our energy conservation efforts here at the office, and the while hoping that FFXIV might serve to bring smiles to some faces out there.

That being said, I’d like report on recent dev team activity. We were just about to begin testing on the now released patch 1.16a when the earthquake struck, and for that reason delayed its release. In addition, patch 1.17 was initially pushed back to mid-April, but after reexamination we’ve decided instead to divide the content and release it across two patches—1.17 and 1.17a.

Patch 1.17 contains an upcoming seasonal event slated for April. If we keep all of the other initially planned content, however, we wouldn’t be able to have the patch ready in time to coincide with Eas—errr, said seasonal event in the real world. So we’ve reduced the volume of patch 1.17 down to about 70% of its original size, and pushed the remaining 30% over to 1.17a. This way, all of the content can be released with minimal delay in between, and it will also allow us to get this holiday event released in time (don’t worry, there are no bells in this one).

Even so, this still won’t make up for all of the time lost from our original schedule. As a result, unfortunately, we’re going to have to forgo the event planned for a national Japanese holiday in early May. Since the April seasonal event kicks off later than intended, it will continue even after April 24th in the real world—whatever that day may be. I realize this is all less than ideal, but hope you understand and bear with us.

One last thing. A portion of the changes in patches 1.17 and 1.17a are preparations for the mid- and high-rank PvE content planned for later release. As soon as we hammer out the basics of the new dungeon and raid environments, we’ll be throwing out some screenshots and introducing them to you.

Best keep it short to give the translators more time on the quests, so that’s all for this letter. Talk to you again soon!’

More awesomeness!!

All Worlds Maintenance (Mar. 28) [includes patch 1.16a]

From the Lodestone:

‘At the following time, we will be performing maintenance on FINAL FANTASY XIV corresponding to the upcoming release of patch 1.16a. During this period, FINAL FANTASY XIV will be unavailable.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.

* Clients will update automatically upon launch after release of the patch.

* Patch download rates may vary depending on server congestion.

* Comprehensive patch notes will be posted separately on the FINAL FANTASY XIV FORUM on the day of the patch release.

[Date & Time]
Mar. 28, 2011 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PDT)

* The completion time may be subject to change.

[Affected Service]

More patches = more content = more gaming awesomeness!

FFXIV Restoration of Game Services (Mar. 22)

This was posted a few days ago about the restoration of the FFXI & FFXIV game servers.

‘From the Lodestone:

As part of power conservation measures enacted following the Tohoku earthquake, our game servers were shut down on Mar. 13, 2011 3:00 (PDT) and services for FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XI, and PlayOnline (hereafter referred to as “these services”) were temporarily suspended. We have determined a date for the restoration of these services, and would like to share this information with you.

Operating the servers for these services makes up 11.6% of the total power consumed by our Tokyo office (based on February 2011 records). We have shut down our air conditioning system (8.8%) and enacted other power conservation measures, such as reducing lighting in our offices, to achieve over 10% in energy usage reductions. With these energy saving measures in place, we will be able to bring our servers back online and restore service to FINAL FANTASY XIV, FINAL FANTASY XI, and PlayOnline on Mar. 25, 2011 4:00 (PDT). All other services, such as those offered on the PlayOnline website, that were temporarily suspended will also be restored at the same time. Please be aware, however, that we may once again be required to suspend services in the event that the power situation worsens.

We offer our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused by the temporary suspension of these services, and thank you for your understanding. As noted in our original notice regarding the suspension of these services, customers will not be charged any monthly fees for FINAL FANTASY XI throughout the April billing cycle.

We at the Square Enix group are trying to act in a proactive manner in order to provide support towards the relief and restoration efforts in the face of this unprecedented disaster while providing reliable service to our customers, and we thank you for your understanding and support.’

I guess tomorrow I can take a break from Ogre Tactics and get back on FFXIV!!

White Knight Chronicles 2

White Knight Chronicles 2 is another highly anticipated RPG that I’m looking forward to. I don’t care about the giant Robo-armor things that they transform into but, like most people, will be playing this game for it’s fantasy, medival elements. The story, lore, adventure and customizable character growth as well as unique, awesome playing environment is what is going to catch most eyes in the wonderful world of RPG gaming.

Of course, in the attempt to now include female gamers and the LGBT crowds into the ‘modern gaming realm’ we will see over emotional male scenes as we did in the main plot line as we did in the first which makes most men (at least the ones I’ve talked with in as well as outside of Japan) hit the skip cutscene button during those overly emotional wastes of time. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind a little emotion every now and then but most of the people I’ve talked with about the emotional male scenes in games, movies and even TV shows lately are just a little much. It’s okay, a small price to pay for some good fantasy RPG goodness!

The gameplay is supposed to be a lot better but it looks more or less the same to me. Either way, I’ll play it just for the story and lore involved. It’s not the best but a lot better than most RPGs in current days.

Until then I guess I’ll be absorbed in Tactics Ogre!!