FFXIV- My Roegadyn’s graphics test

In this video I made a comparison of both my old ATI Radeon HD 4350 from a fraps
video previously created on Feb 26th 2011 to my new ATI Radeon HD 6970 from a
fraps video made March 4th 2011 after the 1.16 patch. Enjoy!


FFXIV Patch Notes 1.16


More than several sidequests have been added.

When all of the prerequisite conditions for undertaking a sidequest have been met, an exclamation point (!) icon will appear over the head of the NPC offering it. While on a sidequest, this icon will also appear above NPCs to whom you must speak to in order to progress. The icon will also appear at NPC locations on the map and minimap.
* Enemies defeated as part of a sidequest do not yield skill points, experience points, or loot.
* The term “sidequests” is the new official designation for what was previously referred to as “miniquests” in several Letter from the Producer posts.

– After completing synthesis of an item requested by a local levequest, it is now possible to immediately begin synthesis of another of the same item without having to access the “Requested Item” interface.

Local levequests have undergone the following changes.
Players can now choose from among the suggested rank categories of 1–, 20–, and 40– from the local levequest accept/refuse interface.
* Suitably ranked local levequests are now more readily available.
* When levequests of the same name are available at the same time for different ranks, only one may be selected.
The amount of skill and experience points attainable via local levequests has been reduced.
The names and objectives of several levequests have been changed. (see table below)

The recommended ranks of a number of levequests have been changed to address disparities between the synthesis rank of their requested items and the approximate rank needed to reach the associated aetheryte.
* Requested items have also been adjusted to reflect the new levequest ranks.
View a complete list of levequest rank changes.
The recipes for items synthesized on local levequests will no longer be displayed under the Recipes tab.
* Recipes displayed under the Recipes tab prior to the release of patch 1.16 will remain.


The size of certain enemies has been adjusted.
* Changes in size have no effect on an enemy’s attributes or toughness.

An icon has been added to hostile enemies to distinguish them from non-hostile enemies.
* Hostile enemies are those that will attack PCs unprovoked.

Non-hostile enemies that previously followed or fled from a PC when approached no longer do so.

The names of the following enemies have been changed:
Peridot Doblyn  → Heliodor Doblyn
Guivre (in certain areas) → Branded Drake

The HP values of the following enemies have been increased.
Cavernulous Coblyn / Copper Coblyn / Corroded Coblyn / Chitinous Coblyn / Diaphanous Doblyn / Heliodor Doblyn / Iron Coblyn / Lead Coblyn / Quartz Doblyn / Sphene Doblyn

The following enemies no longer suffer damage when using the Cluster Geyser ability.
Diaphanous Doblyn / Heliodor Doblyn / Quartz Doblyn / Sphene Doblyn

MP now automatically regenerates while in passive mode.

The recast timers for the following abilities have been reduced from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
Dowse / Dowse II / Dowse III / Dowse IV / Dowse V / Prospect / Prospect II / Prospect III / Prospect IV / Prospect V / Triangulate / Triangulate II / Triangulate III / Triangulate IV / Triangulate V

The Steadfast status no longer wears off as a result of slight movements.


– When the optimal class or optimal rank for a piece of equipped gear is met, that item’s condition will deteriorate at a reduced rate. If both values are met, the deterioration rate will be slowed even further.

– The condition (%) at which a piece of gear inflicts a player with the Gear Damage status has been reduced from 50% to 35%.

Repair materials for the following items have been changed:
Frayed Cotton Doublet Vest (Velveteen Fent) → Cotton Fent

Graphics have been changed for the following items when equipped:
Bronze Needle / Iron Needle / Steel Needle / Hedgemole Needle / Thousand Needle

Certain items have undergone the following changes:
The degree of difficulty for the following synthesis recipes has been adjusted:
Canvas Half Apron (Black) Rank 11–20 → Rank 21–30
Steel Plate Rank 21–30 → Rank 31–40
Siltstone Wheel Rank 11–20 → Rank 21–30

– Cursor functionality for the synthesis interface has been adjusted.

– Navigation from the Requested Items interface when beginning synthesis has been adjusted.


The clock text command now displays the following information:
Countdown timer for Guardian’s Favor

3-D effects displayed when a new rank or level is obtained have undergone the following changes:
Effects will no longer overlap with other on-screen elements
Display size has been increased.
Display time has been lengthened.

– The status icon interface is now outlined in blue when moused over for ease of viewing.

Targeting can now also be done in the following ways:
← and → keys
Clicking on a target’s display name

– Camera distance settings can now be adjusted while locked onto a target.

– Targeting modes that cycle through only specific target types can now be enabled when using a gamepad.
Targeting modes can be selected by using the ↑ and ↓ keys, or the up and down directional buttons mapped to Target/Menu Navigation on a gamepad.

The Journal has undergone the following changes:
Current quests, sidequests, regional levequests, and local levequests are now all displayed on a single list.
Numbers representing the currently underway and maximum possible number of quests and guildleves are now displayed.
A Sidequests category has been added to the list of completed quests.

– The log auto-hide feature now becomes temporarily inactive while the Configuration » Chat Log » Font Color settings are open.

Retainers can now be summoned even when placed in other locations.
* Summoned retainers cannot be sent back to their previous location.
* Retainers operating stands will have their stand closed upon being summoned.

The following new entries have been added to the in-game multilingual dictionary:

Category 	Entry
Game Terms 	Leve Sharing
Game Terms 	Leve Link
Game Terms 	Markets
Game Terms 	Regional Levequest 
Game Terms 	Local Levequest
Game Terms 	Item
Game Terms 	Support Desk
Game Terms 	Physical Bonus
Game Terms 	Recipes
Game Terms 	Item Search
Game Terms 	Notorious Monster
Game Terms 	Emote
Game Terms 	Behest
Game Terms 	Anima

– Item search results now display a “new icon” next to the names of retainers selling the item being searched for by the stack.

– Certain enemy mark icons have been changed.

– Icons of certain items and actions, which can be obtained by exchanging with guild token, have been changed.

– The emote list now displays the text command for each emote.

The following changes have been made to increase the pace of gathering:
Opening and ending actions sped up
Off hand action animations sped up

Gamepads now support the following functionality:
Log/Journal scrolling
Use the gamepad Target/Menu Navigation buttons while holding the Main Menu button.
Camera Distance Settings
Use the gamepad Camera contorls while holding the Auto-run button. Press up to zoom the camera in, and down to zoom out.

– Multi-character collision has been removed entirely.

– Lalafell hair style #4 has been modified.

Fixed Bugs

The following bugs have been addressed:
A bug wherein pressing the End key caused the camera to revert to default settings.
A bug wherein the name of a PC to whom a /tell was sent was appearing in the multi-lingual dictionary’s Audience entry.
A bug wherein guildleve details displayed before and after accepting a levequest were not consistent.
A bug wherein target enemies would spawn repeatedly on the levequest Necrologos: Levinshower.
A bug wherein players are able to participate in Behest with more than 16 players and there could be time where they are unable to make an advancement.
A bug wherein the wind attack attribute for the throwing weapons Bronze Azagai and Iron Azagai was displayed as 0%.
A bug wherein the head slot items Weathered Spectacles (Black), and Weathered Spectacles (Green) were mislabeled as being Unique.
A bug wherein execution of the gladiator action Rage of Halone could be canceled once selected.
A bug wherein the bomb of an enemy’s Titan’s Anger ability would appear immediately in front of the targeted PC.
A bug wherein enemy graphics were not displaying properly after using the Explosion ability.
A bug wherein enemy graphics were not displaying properly after defeating a PC using the Surge ability.

PC display names shook significantly during movement.
* During downhill movement, display names moved up and down in a blinking manner, but interpolating measures have addressed this issue.

Known Bugs

– The main scenario quest “Never the Twain Shall Meet” cannot be advanced when the skip option is selected during a cutscene.
* The quest advances normally when the skip option is not selected.

– When the party leader leaves the instanced battle area during the main scenario quest “Toll of the Warden,” party members remaining in the instance and engaging in combat are unable to advance.
* Should a party leader exit, remaining party members are asked to also leave the instance to prevent this.

– When accepting the local guildleve “World-weary Soles,” it sometimes appears in a different recommended rank category than the actual one.

– On the sidequest “Have You Seen My Son,” the item White Ash cannot be obtained from bomb embers that die as a result of their own Explosion ability.


So far I like what I’ve seen but there is still much to do for the devs.

Updated my Graphics Card today!

Went to Fry’s and upgraded from an ATI Radeon HD 4350 to a HD 6970.  Cost about $400 but so far I think it’s well worth it.  It play very smooth even while in town and I feel that there’s no more ‘bottlenecking’ when it comes to anything holding my PC back now.  AMD Phenom Quad Core processor, 64bit Win7, 16GB RAM, and now my Graphics card with 2GB memory, GDDR 5, AMD HD3D Technology, you name it, it’s pretty much got it.

Perhaps starting tomorrow I might make fraps videos but fraps uses a lot of resources so it most likely will make the video lag a little so I’m not sure about doing it yet.  So far I’m in love with this new video card and I even spent a little time on Star Wars: The force Unleashed 2, again, even though I already beat it several months ago.  I used to have a ‘slow motion’ bug in the gameplay but not anymore.

As far as the video quality goes, it so awesome I’m going to give Crysis 2 a try when it comes out on the 22nd just to use it as a benchmark for fraps.  Good gaming!




FFXIV Patch 1.16 set for early March

The outline for the patch looks promising and are
outlined as followed:

Patch 1.16 Outline

Patch 1.16 is scheduled to go live in early March, bringing
with it new quests, various improvements to the user interface, and more!

The list below briefly outlines the content slated for release in the
forthcoming patch.
◆Outline of Patch 1.16 Content
Storylines and
world quests
Quest-related system changes
Addition of icons to make
quest NPCs easily recognizable
Addition of quest NPC locations to maps

Journal improvements
Reexamintion of data transfer mechanics to display
all current quests and levequests on one screen
Increased speed for text
scrolling in general, and further speed increase for continuous scrolling

Addition of page-scrolling control for gamepads
Rank/Level up fanfare

Examination of dramatic effects when a new rank or level is attained

Camera improvements
Ability to adjust camera distance when locked onto a
Ability to freely adjust camera distance when playing with a gamepad

Targeting system improvements
Ability to target by type (“PC only” or
“NPC only”) when using a gamepad
Ability to target by clicking on character
name displays
Auto-translate dictionary update
Update of auto-translate
dictionary contents
Guildleve usability improvements
Reexamination of
and balancing of local levequest issuing conditions
Adjustments to item
condition values
Adjustments to lower the rate at which item condition
Synthesis interface improvements
Adjustments to the item
synthesis process
Increased pace of gathering actions
Changes to the
frame rates of action animations to speed up gathering
Retainer system
Ability to summon retainers currently operating a bazaar

Reexamination of enemy size
Optimization of enemy size for ease of play

Reexamination of stats
Addition of an auto-MP regeneration feature

For more details, be sure to keep an eye on further Topics posts in the
coming days. In addition, comprehensive patch notes will be available on the day
of the patch’s release. Relevant dates and times will be announced in
Information posts as they become available.

Well, I like most of what I see here but I’m still
concerned about server stability.
Even though these changes will most likely
improve the game so much compared to the state it was in a while ago, I would
argue that server stability is more important.  That being said, that is my only
complaint and this game is on its way to surpass the revolutionary FFXI
MMORPG.  The new changes in the team and staff over at the FFXIV HQ appears
to have been a very wise decision.
So far, so good!




I just saw a video not too long ago announcing the infamous FFXIII-2 to be released in Dec 2011.  Of course, if it sucked as much as FFXIII then they won’t have to worry about me picking up this upgraded feminized, dumbed-down version of game with potential.  I’d sooner rather go the amazon and lick poisonous frogs as well as eat deadly shrubs while wading through an isolated pond that causes flesh decay that’s infested with piranhas, surrounded by amazonian headhunters.  As I recall from one Japanese reviewer stated in a home made video review of FFXIII ‘I felt like the whole time I was running down a tunnel with a few breaks of a movie.  In short, an interactive movie but the content is lacking.’  Honestly, I agree with his statement 100%.  Some of my friends on mixi said they won’t buy FFXIII-2 already but I’m willing to wait and see what comes up.  If it has that same feel of awesome graphics, ok-ish storyline but a serious lack of content then Square Enix you can bet that I’ll still be on FFXIV or Tactics Ogre on the PSP (really good by the way, better than FF Tactics in my opinion.  Kind like a blend of the awesomeness of Ogre Battle and FF Tactics).

I hope the developers aren’t lazy and put towns, wider areas, more equipment in the game as well as make the game more flexible in general.  I’ve lost a lot of confidence in SE but they can gain my trust back if they put more, better content and better battle system than what they did with FFXIII and FFXIV.  There’s nothing wrong with new stuff (personally, I love stuff) but it has to be good stuff.




Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) Lag

I must say, that after getting this game on the pre-release I continue to hold very high expectations for this MMO.  This game, like most MMOs has its drawbacks but with the recent ‘restructuring’ in staff I think things will change very quickly for the better.  Since the January patch 1.15a, I already see many decent additions to FFXIV!!  One thing that does seem to puzzle most people I’ve encountered on the web is the issue of lag.  Whether it is UI lag, mouse lag, weather lag, server-side lag or overall graphics config, etc. it seems that lag is definitely a troublesome issue.

Of course, when playing the game I have experienced it as well as many others but what really is interesting is that there are videos (recent ones as well as old ones), that are either beta or post full release, that show no lag at all.  Interesting.

I think I just might leave Wutai and head to a ‘lighter populated server’ and see how it goes.  I played FFXI with no lag at all and even after turning down all the graphics config settings on the ffxiv config interface, I tend to still see lag.  It is not unplayable but it does make it unenjoyable at times.  Either way, I’ll wait it out since I’ve been a FF series fan since the NES (FF1).

Perhaps I’ll post again on the lag topic if it still exists in the future.  I hope they have more content and stability as well as a better UI before the PS3 release.

Smooth Gameplay r20 Thm quest

Another somewhat smoother gameplay video (closer to what I experience)

Another very smooth video of ffxiv gameplay

Nice solo gameplay

One thing I did notice is that their “R” is much higher than what I get, though the “S” isn’t much higher than mine.  I only get about 60-80 but some of these people receive around 200+.  I guess I need to look over my settings but in FFXI I used to get very smooth gameplay and could even see mobs spawn before most others.



Final Fantasy 14

I’m not sure what to think about this game.  I’m one of those guys that have been playing through the FF series since FF1 on the NES and have been an avid, loyal fan.  The earlier games used to be challenging, creative, massive, interesting but most of all…..fun!!  As much of a fan that I am of the grand FF franchise, I have to honestly say that they have been slowly regressing when it comes to story quality and fun.  The graphics have gotten better but the stories have been more……..lame?  I think that’s the right word to describe it.  Boring would be more accurate but not really.  A game that looks better but lacks a real point or has more ‘shock and awe’ moments but less substance would be the most accurate way to describe Final Fantasy 14 compared to former Final Fantasy games.

Any way you look at it, it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a Final Fantasy game.  It’s truly sad when the majority of FF fans still say that Final Fantasy 7 was the best FF game (or best game ever) that has ever existed.  Graphics have come a long way but it doesn’t seem that much else has.

However, I don’t think I can abandon the FF genre…yet.  I still hope that Square Enix will see their mistakes and realize that they’re having a ‘teachable moment’.  Even if it’s a very long one.

I don’t think that Final Fantasy is a lost cause.  There are many fun aspects to it but there is something definitely missing that most ‘experienced’ FF players notice.  We want ‘that’ back.

FFXIV_05                       landscape


I will say that I enjoyed Dragon Age and looking forward to playing Dragon Age 2 as well as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Fable III.  RPGs rock!!!