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Got through the Deep Roads and now have a plethora of new quests to do

After running through many areas I eventually found Dougal the dwarf, and he fronted the money for me to get into the expedition.  I went through the Deep Roads, which took about 20-30 mins and got back to the city.  All of the companions needed me to talk with them in their respective areas as well as Sebastian (the Exiled Prince) and he joined the group now.  The dog still doesn’t really do anything besides bark at people in cutscenes but there seems to be plenty of things to do now.  Carver (Hawke’s brother) is now a templar and unable to join the party at the moment but he still appears apart of our group.  I like the new family estate, it seems fitting for the Hawkes after years of doing things for the city and getting their family back in good standing.

I hope that there is still a lot of content to go through and not just a bunch of quests in the same map areas already covered.  If so, I won’t be disappointed since it’s what I expect.  We’ll see.


Just download and finished the Dragon Age 2 Demo….

Well, I took the liberty of downloading the Dragon Age 2 demo from the bioware website for my Windows 7 PC and had trouble launching the game. I got an error related to DirectX and had to go to microsoft’s website to re-download it (even though everything seemed up to date, I read this on one of the bioware social forums that stated this was a fix and it did indeed fix the problem). The error was something like d3dx11_42_x64 but the re-download fixed that.

Also my PC froze on the ‘Start Menu’ screen. At first I thought it had something to do with DA2 servers because at the bottom of the screen it was stating it was connecting to the servers and the DA2 demo was not responding. However, I went to the bioware Dragon Age forums and found that I needed to remove any flash drives and other removable storage because it is a known issue with the demo.

After that, I started playing with no problems. The graphics is nice, the combat is fun and storyline is pretty decent. I think I’ll be at Gamestop tomorrow night to pick it up (I reserved it) during the ‘midnight release.’ This game looks worth it from judging the demo I played.