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Dragon Age 2- The Qunari Assault of Kirkwall

I just uploaded a video with just cutscenes (I edited out the fighting to save time).

So far my favorite cutscene is when Orsino shows off his awesome mageness.


Finished up all the quests on Dragon Age 2 except for the Deep Roads

I’ve been through all the quests with only the Deep Roads left but after downloading and installing then buying items from “The Black Emporium” I went down from 40k to 29k and I don’t have the 50k to ‘invest’ into the expedition into the Deep Roads with the Dwarves. So I’m finding odds and ends to do to get the rest of the sovereigns (money) needed to get this done. I also have to admit that ‘The Exiled Prince’ was a letdown to me. I thought he was a permanent addition but I guess not. I went through 3 quick quests with him and he was back in the chantry. I’m also getting frustrated that I haven’t been able to proposition the Elven mage since her nature magic and my focus on the Elements would birth one awesome mageling lol.

I must admit that I was expecting a lot more content than what I’ve seen so far but I’m sure Bioware will have havens of DLC to ‘purchase’ in the not to distant future to make up for it to rip me off even more!  Well, I’ll get back to the grinding now (if I can find any) and hope I can reach the 50k mark to further my DA2 experience!


Release date check failed for Dragon Age 2

After anticipating playing Dragon Age 2 from midnight through the next few days to come, I installed the game and there was a Sony DACT (or something like that) program that ran after starting up the launcher to play the game. It came back as failed at 12:35 am my time…lol. In the ‘Release date check failed’ box it stated this:

So this will stop my gaming time for an hour and a half I guess….perhaps I’ll drink some coffee and get on FFXIV in the meantime.