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Patch 1.17 Outline (04/12/2011)

As promised in the seventh Letter from the Producer, we are happy to announce that patch 1.17 is on schedule for release in a matter of days.

◆ Patch 1.17 Release Date Thursday, April 14, 2011 (following server maintenance)

◆ Patch 1.17 Maintenance Time 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (PDT)

The following is a brief outline of the planned changes:

◆ Patch Outline

•[dev1002] [dev1003] The implementation of new sidequests
•[dev1011] The balancing of guildleve rewards
•[dev1020] Adjustments and additions to the party system Maximum party size has been reduced to 8 members. Parties with 4 to 7 members are now called “light parties.” Parties with 8 members are called “full parties.” Special status enhancements will be granted to light and full parties. (Changes to party member display UI still under consideration.)
•[dev1021] Adjustments to battle content in conjunction with the new party system Adjustments to behest difficulty and bonuses to accommodate new full party size of 8 members. Adjustments to the behest schedule.
•[dev1029] Adjustments to environment collision detection
•[dev1030] Adjustments to enemy distribution
•[dev1031] The addition of new notorious monsters
•[dev1038] The implementation of new equipment and items
•[dev1039] The reduction of randomness affecting the approach phase in gathering
•[dev1040] Adjustments and additions to active icons

A more detailed report can be found in the 1.17 patch notes, scheduled for release on April 14.


Letter from the Producer, VII (04/01/2011)

From the Lodestone:

‘Well, the game servers are now back online, and the development is almost returned to full strength, but the effects of the recent Tohoku earthquake and tsunami are far-reaching and profound. Much as those in the areas directly affected by the tragedy, we here in Tokyo must also remain vigilant. We’re continuing with our energy conservation efforts here at the office, and the while hoping that FFXIV might serve to bring smiles to some faces out there.

That being said, I’d like report on recent dev team activity. We were just about to begin testing on the now released patch 1.16a when the earthquake struck, and for that reason delayed its release. In addition, patch 1.17 was initially pushed back to mid-April, but after reexamination we’ve decided instead to divide the content and release it across two patches—1.17 and 1.17a.

Patch 1.17 contains an upcoming seasonal event slated for April. If we keep all of the other initially planned content, however, we wouldn’t be able to have the patch ready in time to coincide with Eas—errr, said seasonal event in the real world. So we’ve reduced the volume of patch 1.17 down to about 70% of its original size, and pushed the remaining 30% over to 1.17a. This way, all of the content can be released with minimal delay in between, and it will also allow us to get this holiday event released in time (don’t worry, there are no bells in this one).

Even so, this still won’t make up for all of the time lost from our original schedule. As a result, unfortunately, we’re going to have to forgo the event planned for a national Japanese holiday in early May. Since the April seasonal event kicks off later than intended, it will continue even after April 24th in the real world—whatever that day may be. I realize this is all less than ideal, but hope you understand and bear with us.

One last thing. A portion of the changes in patches 1.17 and 1.17a are preparations for the mid- and high-rank PvE content planned for later release. As soon as we hammer out the basics of the new dungeon and raid environments, we’ll be throwing out some screenshots and introducing them to you.

Best keep it short to give the translators more time on the quests, so that’s all for this letter. Talk to you again soon!’

More awesomeness!!

Letter from the Producer, VI (03/16/2011)

‘ As you may have heard, northeastern Japan was recently struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami. I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to all affected by this great tragedy.

To do our part in the electricity conservation effort, we have temporarily taken our game servers offline. I apologize deeply for the inconvenience this causes all of you, and ask for your patience and understanding.

I would also like to thank all of the players who have offered words of support and sympathy on the FFXIV forums. I made a brief post myself, but would like to take this opportunity to do so formally and report on the current state of the development team.

Tokyo, where our development and operation teams are based, has suffered minimal damage from the earthquake and its after effects. We have confirmed the safety of all our team members, but there are those with family in the affected regions. Due to this, the concerns of the nuclear plants, and the ongoing aftershocks, we are not at our best.

The planned blackouts in the Kanto region have disrupted public transportation, preventing many from even making it to work. In addition, our French and German localization staff have left Tokyo at the urging of their respective embassies. For these reasons, and to allow our staff to focus on their safety and that of their families, I have decided to make adjustments to the development schedule.

We were working to release patches 1.16a and 1.17 by the end of March, but now anticipate a delay of one to two weeks. During this time, we will not only be making minor improvements, but also directing our efforts on laying the groundwork for future content.

I had intended to announce this in a future letter, but we will release information regarding the Grand Companies of Eorzea (what were referred to as “public companies” in previous posts) just before patch 1.17 goes live. We are currently readying a page dedicated to this exciting new feature, and hope to have it up on the Lodestone shortly.

Despite current conditions, we are doing all we can to release the patches and get you adventuring again as quickly as possible.

Talk to you again soon!

FINAL FANTASY XIV Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida ‘

I’m glad everyone is okay and I hope their families as well as everyone affected will get through this incident. yamatodamashii~! The tough, proud and resilient Japanese spirit will overcome!