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FFXIV Patch 1.16 set for early March

The outline for the patch looks promising and are
outlined as followed:

Patch 1.16 Outline

Patch 1.16 is scheduled to go live in early March, bringing
with it new quests, various improvements to the user interface, and more!

The list below briefly outlines the content slated for release in the
forthcoming patch.
◆Outline of Patch 1.16 Content
Storylines and
world quests
Quest-related system changes
Addition of icons to make
quest NPCs easily recognizable
Addition of quest NPC locations to maps

Journal improvements
Reexamintion of data transfer mechanics to display
all current quests and levequests on one screen
Increased speed for text
scrolling in general, and further speed increase for continuous scrolling

Addition of page-scrolling control for gamepads
Rank/Level up fanfare

Examination of dramatic effects when a new rank or level is attained

Camera improvements
Ability to adjust camera distance when locked onto a
Ability to freely adjust camera distance when playing with a gamepad

Targeting system improvements
Ability to target by type (“PC only” or
“NPC only”) when using a gamepad
Ability to target by clicking on character
name displays
Auto-translate dictionary update
Update of auto-translate
dictionary contents
Guildleve usability improvements
Reexamination of
and balancing of local levequest issuing conditions
Adjustments to item
condition values
Adjustments to lower the rate at which item condition
Synthesis interface improvements
Adjustments to the item
synthesis process
Increased pace of gathering actions
Changes to the
frame rates of action animations to speed up gathering
Retainer system
Ability to summon retainers currently operating a bazaar

Reexamination of enemy size
Optimization of enemy size for ease of play

Reexamination of stats
Addition of an auto-MP regeneration feature

For more details, be sure to keep an eye on further Topics posts in the
coming days. In addition, comprehensive patch notes will be available on the day
of the patch’s release. Relevant dates and times will be announced in
Information posts as they become available.

Well, I like most of what I see here but I’m still
concerned about server stability.
Even though these changes will most likely
improve the game so much compared to the state it was in a while ago, I would
argue that server stability is more important.  That being said, that is my only
complaint and this game is on its way to surpass the revolutionary FFXI
MMORPG.  The new changes in the team and staff over at the FFXIV HQ appears
to have been a very wise decision.
So far, so good!




Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) Lag

I must say, that after getting this game on the pre-release I continue to hold very high expectations for this MMO.  This game, like most MMOs has its drawbacks but with the recent ‘restructuring’ in staff I think things will change very quickly for the better.  Since the January patch 1.15a, I already see many decent additions to FFXIV!!  One thing that does seem to puzzle most people I’ve encountered on the web is the issue of lag.  Whether it is UI lag, mouse lag, weather lag, server-side lag or overall graphics config, etc. it seems that lag is definitely a troublesome issue.

Of course, when playing the game I have experienced it as well as many others but what really is interesting is that there are videos (recent ones as well as old ones), that are either beta or post full release, that show no lag at all.  Interesting.

I think I just might leave Wutai and head to a ‘lighter populated server’ and see how it goes.  I played FFXI with no lag at all and even after turning down all the graphics config settings on the ffxiv config interface, I tend to still see lag.  It is not unplayable but it does make it unenjoyable at times.  Either way, I’ll wait it out since I’ve been a FF series fan since the NES (FF1).

Perhaps I’ll post again on the lag topic if it still exists in the future.  I hope they have more content and stability as well as a better UI before the PS3 release.

Smooth Gameplay r20 Thm quest

Another somewhat smoother gameplay video (closer to what I experience)

Another very smooth video of ffxiv gameplay

Nice solo gameplay

One thing I did notice is that their “R” is much higher than what I get, though the “S” isn’t much higher than mine.  I only get about 60-80 but some of these people receive around 200+.  I guess I need to look over my settings but in FFXI I used to get very smooth gameplay and could even see mobs spawn before most others.