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Letter from the Producer, XIII (07/08/2011)

From the Lodestone:


Hello everyone! Yoshi-P here with
another post for all you FFXIV-ers.

I apologize in advance for the
brevity of this letter, but wanted to inform you all right away that we are
planning to release patch 1.18 on July 21 (PST).

All that’s left is the
balancing and debugging of the two instanced raids. (There’s no guarantee all
future instances will fit the definition of “dungeon,” and it’d just be
ridiculous and flat out wrong to call something that isn’t a dungeon a dungeon,
right? But even a small party of people can raid a given location, dungeon or
otherwise. Just sayin’.) But things are preeetty tight, so there may be a 1- or
2-day delay.

Sorry to all of you who are waiting, but
we want to make sure the debugging is done right before releasing this content,
so bear with us just a bit longer. That’s it for now. Time to get back to

See you soon!  ‘


It seems we have another 2 weeks ahead of us.  Hopefully 1.18 will be ready for us by then.


[patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

From by NOC_EU 6/15/2011


‘ [patch1.17c] Patch 1.17c Notes

Fixed Bugs

  • Measures have been implemented to address the recurring server failure issue
    occurring in market areas.
  • Measures have been implemented to address the issue wherein viewing the
    linkshell member list may cause the client to crash.
  • The following bugs have been addressed:
    • A bug wherein the enemies “Prince of Pestilence” and “Unknown Soldier” may
      neither be seen nor targeted despite appearing on the minimap.
    • A bug wherein the location of one’s retainer may change following server
    • A bug wherein the journal entry may not be updated for the quest “A Piece of
      History.” ‘

Battle reform blueprint by Akihiko_Matsui on 5/19/2011:

Battle Reform Blueprint

Dear fans,

It is with pleasure
that I announce the release of the battle reform blueprint. My apologies to have
kept you waiting for so long, but due to my primary patch commitments, this
document has been longer in the making than intended.
But without further
ado, please allow me to take you through the blueprint and explain in detail the
planned changes and the driving force behind each of them.

Lead Battle Planner

Reform Concept

  • Fostering Skillful Play

    Creating a battle system that fosters skillful play.
    above is, in a sentence, the rationale behind the coming battle changes. Not
    exactly the punchiest catchphrase around, but perhaps there’s kindly a soul out
    there who could word it better. */poke Yoshi-P*

    To elaborate, we are
    aiming to address issues such as the following:

    • Victories coming with little reliance on skillful play.
    • Lack of information needed for skillful play.
    • No sense of accomplishment even with skillful play.

    light of the above, our objective is to implement a battle system that rewards
    player effort and innovation in such areas as equipment, hunting grounds, and
    party structure.

    Lastly, in conceiving these changes, we have kept one
    fact close to heart: simply making enemies stronger does not equate to an
    environment that fosters and rewards skillful


  • Dungeons

    Dungeons, the proving grounds for parties, will be released in 1.18.
    We will be implementing two types to begin with, with future updates to usher in
    additional maps and battle concepts.
    This content takes the form of raid
    missions in which players slash and burn their way through a labyrinthine area
    before finally squaring off against a formidable final foe. Dungeons are
    intended to push teamwork to the limit, and players can expect a level of
    satisfaction (and spoils!) befitting the challenge.

    To coincide with the
    addition of dungeons, a number of actions and skills will receive tweaks ahead
    of time, the details of which will be released at a later

  • Notorious Monsters

    We will continue to introduce new NMs on a regular basis, although
    numbers may be modest for patches boasting large-scale features such as
    dungeons. Players can look forward to engaging in more epic struggles and
    acquiring spectacular


  • Skillful Partying

    Alongside our ongoing endeavors to make solo adventuring ever more
    rewarding, we are also injecting effort into making full-fledged partying more
    enjoyable. At the heart of this undertaking is a series of plans to draw out the
    uniqueness of each class (details in the Armoury System section below).
    goes without saying to those familiar with MMORPGs, but the masterful
    manipulation of the following facets of battle is the cornerstone of effective

    • Enmity (hate) control, which governs the enemy’s attack target.
    • Crowd control (CC), the act of rendering enemy groups incapable of
  • Enmity (Hate) Control

    Following review, we have deemed the current algorithm unnecessarily
    complicated, and as such have decided to simplify the system as follows:

    • Damage will convert to enmity at a one-to-one ratio (in most cases)
    • Players will have the means to examine their own current hate

    A hate conversion formula will be applied to
    actions that target friendlies or do not inflict damage.

    Furthermore, a
    player’s enmity will be made constantly visible as a percentage of that of the
    party member being attacked. A feature whereby players may examine hate values
    for all party members is also under consideration for a future

  • Crowd Control (CC)

    As crowd control tactics are expected to gain in prominence with the
    introduction of dungeons, a host of adjustments is being planned centered around
    the following:

    • The reforming of crowd control methods
    • Tweaks to crowd control actions and their distribution among
  • Solo Play

    Solo play is the preferred choice of those short on time, and we
    intend to preserve the balance wherein adventurers can take on foes of the same
    rank unaided. Even as we work to further accentuate the uniqueness of each
    class, we will make it so that all classes are capable of ranking up via solo

Auto-attack and
Other Systems

  • Auto-attack

    We will be implementing auto-attack. As the workload for this is
    expected to be considerable, however, the feature will be introduced in stages
    alongside revisions for other systems.

    For the first stage, we will
    implement the core mechanics of auto-attack and perform provisional adjustments
    to the accompanying damage algorithm. The next stage, planned to take place
    after the aforementioned crowd control and action/skill revisions, will involve
    a fine-tuning of the auto-attack algorithm. Other algorithms will also undergo
    revisions, which will be explained further below. In so doing, we hope to
    further draw out the unique flavor of each weapon. At this same time, we will
    also carry out motion and other graphical revisions to accommodate

  • Action Bar

    We realize that having to reequip gear and reset actions every time
    you change class is a source of chagrin. Although we are unable to indicate a
    timeframe, discussions are underway with the UI team on ways for players to
    retain equipment and action data for each class.
    As battle revisions
    encompass not only tweaks to areas such as classes, items, and monsters, but
    also entail improvements to user interface, we wanted to share with you this
    aspect of our plans as well.

  • Battle Regimens

    We are afraid to inform you that work on the Battle Regimen system
    has been postponed, as adjustments and additions alone will not suffice to
    address problems. There is a need to rework the system from the ground up, and
    we will lay the foundation stones after other changes have been seen to


  • Battle Attribute Allotment

    When it comes to battle, class rank should, by logic, be more
    important than physical level. The reality of the situation, however, is that
    attribute point allotment is dependent upon physical level, something that is
    causing complications in our endeavor to improve the battle system.

    the recent battle poll (thanks to all who participated), we learned that a
    considerable number of players would be willing to forgo physical levels, but
    wanted to retain the ability to customize characters through attribute
    allotment. Armed with this knowledge, we proceeded to formulate the optimal

    The decision: attribute point allotment will no longer
    accompany gains in physical level, and will instead occur when characters rise
    in class rank. Although the amount in frequency of points awarded will be lower
    than previously, players will find that each point will have a more profound

  • Algorithms

    In light of changes planned for the Armoury System, the need to
    revise algorithms has arisen. At the same time, we will also carry out the
    changes below in order to streamline areas made overly complicated.

    • Abolishing the rounding formula based on standard rank values *1
    • Optimizing the value ranges for the influence of attributes *2

    Many in-game elements are known to
    influence algorithms, and we are working on identifying them all regardless of
    the extent of their impact.

    We believe that the above changes will allow
    players to more keenly feel and appreciate the myriad benefits offered by magic
    and equipment, which will lead to a new depth of enjoyment in

    *1 The algorithm whereby values associated
    with rank are rounded up or down to be as close to the standard as

    *2 The system whereby enhancing statuses
    (whether obtained through attribute allotment, equipment, or magic) are
    influenced by incremental sets of


  • Classes

    Actions will undergo major revisions, along with both the underlying
    mechanics and conditions.

    By major revisions, not only do we mean the
    tweaking of effects and potency of existing actions – we will work from the
    ground up to redesign and reassign actions based on clearly identified class

    We will also make a number of changes as part of our reexamination
    of how actions are equipped and the character requirements for doing so. First,
    actions learned by each class will be set to the action bar by default when
    playing as that class. Also, we will be making some actions settable on any
    class, while other “class-defining” actions obtained at higher ranks will be
    usable only by that class.

  • Jobs

    The job system – that series-defining trademark – will be
    implemented in FINAL FANTASY XIV (details such as specific jobs TBA). Quests to
    unlock each job will become available once you have reached a certain rank in
    the corresponding class.
    Rather than being advanced versions of classes, we
    would like players to think of jobs as specialized playing styles optimized for
    partying. While playing as a particular job will render you unable to equip
    certain actions of other classes, you will be compensated with access to
    exclusive actions, which can be acquired through quests.

    In practice,
    players will find the existing classes effective when playing solo or in certain
    party setups. Jobs, however, will shine in party situations where specific skill
    sets are demanded. Now, you didn’t hear this from me, but there are also rumors
    circulating that quests for obtaining job-exclusive equipment are also in the
    We at the development team are currently hard at work on the job
    system, and expect to have details to share with you


  • Fighting the Good Fight

    Thank you for taking the time to pore over these words. Having read
    the blueprint, there is bound to be more than a few players who feel that we’ve
    only recited a handful of things common to all MMORPGs. There may be others
    still who are saddened – perhaps even piqued – that elements they felt made
    FINAL FANTASY XIV unique will be going to the cutting block.

    I would like
    to clarify here that the battle team’s overarching objective is to lay a solid
    foundation upon which to build new elements – elements that will bring out the
    best in FINAL FANTASY XIV. The marriage of classes and jobs is representative of
    this endeavor. Whereas the ease of play classes offer will find favor with solo
    and casual party players, jobs will add a new depth of enjoyment for those
    wishing to take on high-level, strategy-rich content.

    A period of great
    change is underway, and we ask you to bear with us. FINAL FANTASY XIV is dear to
    us as it is to our fans, and there is simply nothing we would love more than to
    see it flourish into everything it can be. And to see this wish become reality,
    we promise to spare no effort in delivering the ultimate battle experience to

    On behalf of the team, thank you always for your encouragement
    and support.

Square Enix’s Holdings (SE is reporting losses) Will FFXIV be affected?

It seems that SE may be chopping off wayard projects and possibly some future game content for certain titles.

Could FFXIV be on the chopping block? Is it possible that SE would cut FFXIV after already using so many resources (and a lot of time) to revamped the game?

Most people don’t think so and I’m one of them. As much as SE seems to do odd things at times, I’m sure SE wouldn’t do something that drastic.

The report from SE can be found at:

[dev1037] Enhancement of Battle Effects (from the Lodestone)

•The size of battle effects for actions and magic will be enhanced by 1.5 to 2 times the current.

(Click the image to enlarge)

To hold a discussion and/or submit feedbacks on this topic, please use “dev1037” as a tag.

‘Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together’ on the PSP is by far the most enjoyable fantasy RPG so far this year in my opinion

Tactics Ogre: Let us cling together has been the most enjoyable game this year so far in my opinion. This game is a mix of Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle (Nintendo 64 if you remember it) made by Square Enix. It may be sad that I name a PSP game as the most enjoyable but honestly that how the RPG genre has been doing in recent years. Two Worlds II was fun but very short, WoW is just boring after a few months (no challenge whatsoever = ultimate lameness) and most other recent RPGs also lack enough content to keep RPG goers interested longer than a few months at best. My little brother and I talk every now and then about our favorite games and while talking with him I realized that there are many RPG type games attempting to join the ‘action’ genre. But that’s another topic for later, perhaps.

I think this will keep me busy until White Knight Chronicles 2 comes out at the end of May. Hopefully that one is longer than its predecessor as well.


I just saw a video not too long ago announcing the infamous FFXIII-2 to be released in Dec 2011.  Of course, if it sucked as much as FFXIII then they won’t have to worry about me picking up this upgraded feminized, dumbed-down version of game with potential.  I’d sooner rather go the amazon and lick poisonous frogs as well as eat deadly shrubs while wading through an isolated pond that causes flesh decay that’s infested with piranhas, surrounded by amazonian headhunters.  As I recall from one Japanese reviewer stated in a home made video review of FFXIII ‘I felt like the whole time I was running down a tunnel with a few breaks of a movie.  In short, an interactive movie but the content is lacking.’  Honestly, I agree with his statement 100%.  Some of my friends on mixi said they won’t buy FFXIII-2 already but I’m willing to wait and see what comes up.  If it has that same feel of awesome graphics, ok-ish storyline but a serious lack of content then Square Enix you can bet that I’ll still be on FFXIV or Tactics Ogre on the PSP (really good by the way, better than FF Tactics in my opinion.  Kind like a blend of the awesomeness of Ogre Battle and FF Tactics).

I hope the developers aren’t lazy and put towns, wider areas, more equipment in the game as well as make the game more flexible in general.  I’ve lost a lot of confidence in SE but they can gain my trust back if they put more, better content and better battle system than what they did with FFXIII and FFXIV.  There’s nothing wrong with new stuff (personally, I love stuff) but it has to be good stuff.



Final Fantasy 14

I’m not sure what to think about this game.  I’m one of those guys that have been playing through the FF series since FF1 on the NES and have been an avid, loyal fan.  The earlier games used to be challenging, creative, massive, interesting but most of all…!!  As much of a fan that I am of the grand FF franchise, I have to honestly say that they have been slowly regressing when it comes to story quality and fun.  The graphics have gotten better but the stories have been more……..lame?  I think that’s the right word to describe it.  Boring would be more accurate but not really.  A game that looks better but lacks a real point or has more ‘shock and awe’ moments but less substance would be the most accurate way to describe Final Fantasy 14 compared to former Final Fantasy games.

Any way you look at it, it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a Final Fantasy game.  It’s truly sad when the majority of FF fans still say that Final Fantasy 7 was the best FF game (or best game ever) that has ever existed.  Graphics have come a long way but it doesn’t seem that much else has.

However, I don’t think I can abandon the FF genre…yet.  I still hope that Square Enix will see their mistakes and realize that they’re having a ‘teachable moment’.  Even if it’s a very long one.

I don’t think that Final Fantasy is a lost cause.  There are many fun aspects to it but there is something definitely missing that most ‘experienced’ FF players notice.  We want ‘that’ back.

FFXIV_05                       landscape


I will say that I enjoyed Dragon Age and looking forward to playing Dragon Age 2 as well as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Fable III.  RPGs rock!!!